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El Quindio, Colombia Earthquake , January 24, 1999

El Quindio, Colombia Earthquake , January 24, 1999: Reconnaissance Report. Eduardo A. Fierro, tech ed. On January 24, 1999 a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck the western part of Colombia, causing more than 1,000 deaths and thousands of injuries. Within a matter of seconds entire city blocks were destroyed and thousands left homeless. Much of the damage resulted from poor construction and large amplifications of ground motions due to soft soil conditions. Numerous landslides disrupted roads and impeded emergency response. The EERI team's observations focus on the nature and extent of damage and cover the following topics: geologic and geotechnical considerations, ground motion aspects, engineered and nonengineered structures, nonstructural components, lifelines, highway and bridge damage, emergency response and recovery challenges, public health and societal impacts. January 2000, 79 pp.

This report is also available on CD-ROM. All of the report figures are supplied in a separate html catalog for viewing in any web browser and easy insertion into presentation software. All images may be used as long as the photographer and EERI are credited.

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