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Nisqually, Washington, Earthquake of February 28, 2001

Nisqually, Washington, Earthquake of February 28, 2001: Preliminary Reconnaissance Report. Nisqually Earthquake Clearinghouse Group, tech. eds.

The 6.8 magnitude Nisqually earthquake was an extensional intraplate event deep below the Puget Sound region, in the Cascadia subduction zone. It occurred in the Juan de Fuca oceanic plate, which is subducted beneath the North American plate. Approximately 400 people were injured sufficiently to seek medical assistance. On the day of the earthquake, a state of emergency was declared. The next day, the Governor requested federal assistance and estimated the economic consequences of $2 billion. This report presents a preliminary description of the seismological background, the ground motions, the responses of natural and man-made structures - buildings, bridges, and lifelines - to those ground motions, and the societal consequences. March 2001, 26 pp.


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