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Lessons Learned Over Time, Volume V: Adobe Housing Reconstruction after the 2001 El Salvador Earthquakes

Printed in both Spanish and English (each 70 pages) in one volume, this report documents the rebuilding of adobe structures after the 2001 El Salvador earthquakes of January 13 (MW 7.7) and February 13 (MW 6.6). More than 165,000 homes were destroyed and an additional 110,000 homes damaged. The degree of destruction was due to the building material (adobe) and the poor quality of construction and maintenance. In this report, Dominic Dowling focuses on low-cost solutions for improving the earthquake resistance of adobe housing. This is a particularly timely subject, given the recent tragedy in Bam, Iran, and the poor performance of adobe there.

Dowling describes successful initiatives that have occurred in post-earthquake El Salvador to encourage the use of improved adobe in housing construction. Also covered are the various challenges they faced. These pioneering activities represent one of the first major attempts for large-scale implementation of a strategic approach in Latin America. The lessons learned as illuminated in this report provide a foundation for further action.

Dowling documents that improved-adobe training and construction is a viable means of preserving lives, minimizing injuries, reducing earthquake vulnerability, lowering the housing deficit, and promoting sustainable development. Although improved adobe will still have limitations compared to concrete, brick, or steel, adobe will continue to be the construction material of choice for many poor families in El Salvador and other developing countries.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, this report is Volume V in the "Lessons Learned over Time" series, which captures and disseminates lessons that may not become apparent until some years after an earthquake. ISBN 0-943198-00-3


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