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Overview of Soil-Structure Interaction – Jonathan Stewart (Video Download)

Overview of Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI)
Critical aspects of SSI affecting the seismic
performance of structures.
Jonathan Stewart, University of California, Los Angeles

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EERI Seminar Series
Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering for Structural and Geotechnical Engineers
Impact of Soil-Structure Interaction on Response of Structures


This seminar series addressed issues of interest to both
structural and geotechnical engineers in the rapidly
emerging application of performance-based procedures
to the seismic evaluation and design of structures.
Properly implemented, these techniques can provide
better and more economical designs for new construction
and for the retrofit of existing facilities than the
traditional prescriptive code approach. The first
seminar in the series covered the basic principles of
soil-structure interaction and current guidelines for practice.
The focus was on shallow foundations and case
studies of actual project applications by practicing
engineers. Future seminars are anticipated to cover
deep foundations, seismic pressures on basements and
embedded structures, new procedures for ground
motions, and other topics of practical interest to
structural and geotechnical engineers.


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