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Urban EQ Hazard Reduction: 4th Japan-U.S. Workshop

Urban Earthquake Hazard Reduction: Fourth Japan-U.S. Workshop Proceedings. The morning of January 17, 1995 will be forever remembered by the participants of the 4th Japan-U.S. Workshop when the meeting opened in Osaka. The same morning, the devastating Hyogo-ken-Nanbu earthquake occurred on the nearby Nojima fault. The program was changed dramatically, as the participants visited the disaster sites in Kobe and the surrounding areas. The damaging effects of the earthquake were discussed throughout the meeting. The Proceedings include the original papers prepared for the Workshop, working group reports, as well as a concluding resolution. The workshop, sponsored by EERI and the Institute of Social Safety Science in Japan, was held in Osaka, January 17-19, 1995. The proceedings were published by the Japan Institute of Social Safety Science, 352 pp.


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