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Pager Phase I, II & III Final Report

Providing Building Data in Support of PAGER
May 2010

The EERI World Housing Encyclopedia (WHE)-‐USGS PAGER project is an initiative to improve the understanding and classification of building inventory and collapse vulnerability of non­‐U.S. construction types worldwide. Phase III of this project, completed in 2009, was a collaborative effort among EERI staff, volunteers participating through EERI’s World Housing Encyclopedia and USGS PAGER model developers. Work in this phase focused on identifying capacity curves and fragility functions for the most common of these building types, organized by construction material: brick masonry, concrete, timber, adobe and mud, stone masonry and concrete block. This phase of work has built on previous work where volunteers identified building collapse fragility functions based on empirical, intensity-‐based data. Modifications were made in the procedures to collect these empirical data, including revising the structure types, modifying the definition of collapse and dropping PGA in favor of intensity, as well as then focusing on collecting analytically‐based damage functions for major non-­U.S. construction types. This Technical Report describes this progress in more detail.


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