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EERI launched a new online newsletter in September 2013, The Pulse of Earthquake Engineering. EERI members should be receiving The Pulse twice per month—on the first and fifteenth day of each month (or the first business day after) via email. Please contact EERI at if you are not receiving our email newsletters. You may browse the e-newsletter archives at

The final, commemorative print issue of the EERI Newsletter was published in September 2013. You may browse the print newsletter archives below. To see current issues of The Pulse, visit here:

DateNewsletter (PDF)Other Documents (PDF)
September 2013Download
August 2013Download
July 2013DownloadThe November 7, 2012 M7.4 Guatemala Earthquake and Its Implications for Disaster Reduction and Mitigation
June 2013DownloadMw 6.4 Shonbeh (Bushehr), Iran Earthquake
May 2013Download
Apr 2013Download
Mar 2013Download
Feb 2013DownloadSoft Story Risk Reduction: Lessons from the Berkeley Data
Jan 2013Download10NCEE Call for Papers
Dec 2012DownloadThe Varzaghan, Iran Earthquakes Report
Summary of the Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of August 7, 2012
Nov 2012Download
Oct 2012Download
Sep 2012DownloadLFE Lessons for Practice Technical Seminar brochure
The Shah Family Innovation Prize Nomination Info
Aug 2012Download
Jul 2012Download
Jun 2012Download
May 2012Download
Apr 2012Download
Mar 2012Download
Feb 2012Download
Jan 2012DownloadSummary of the Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of September 6-7, 2011
Dec 2011Download
Nov 2011DownloadSpecial issue of Earthquake Spectra on 2010 Mw 7.0 Haiti Earthquake
Oct 2011Download
Sep 2011DownloadThe Shah Family Innovation Prize
Aug 2011Download
Jul 2011Download
Jun 2011Download
May 2011DownloadThe M 6.3 Christchurch, New Zealand, Earthquake of February 22, 2011
Apr 2011Download
Mar 2011Download
Feb 2011Download
Jan 2011Download
Dec 2010Download
Nov 2010DownloadThe Darfield (Canterbury), New Zealand Earthquake Report
8TH Annual Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition
Oct 2010DownloadMembership roster addendum
Sep 2010Download9USN/10CCEE Proceedings Flyer
Shah Prize Nominations Flyer
Aug 2010Download
Jul 2010DownloadBaja CA Earthquake Report
Jun 2010DownloadChile Earthquake Report
May 2010DownloadHaiti Earthquake Report #2
Apr 2010DownloadHaiti Earthquake Report
Mar 2010DownloadOffshore Northern California EQ Report
Feb 2010DownloadWorld Housing Encyclopedia flyer
Jan 2010DownloadSamoa Earthquake and Tsunami Report
Dec 2009DownloadThe Mw 7.6 Western Sumatra Earthquake of September 30, 2009
Nov 2009DownloadNGA Video Download Announcement
Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition Poster
Oct 2009DownloadWest Java EQ Report
Sep 2009DownloadShah Prize announcement
Aug 2009DownloadHonduras EQ report
Special Offer on Bulk Orders of EERI Monographs
Jul 2009Download
Jun 2009DownloadItaly EQ report
Flyer for ICC publications
May 2009Download2009 EERI Annual Student Graphics Competition
Apr 2009Download20% Discount on Past Spectra Theme Issues thru June 30, 2009
Feb 2009Download
Jan 2009DownloadReconnaissance Reports Flyer
Dec 2008Download
Nov 2008Download2009 Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition
Oct 2008DownloadThe Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, China, Earthquake of May 12, 2008
Sep 2008DownloadCall for Shah Prize nominations
Aug 2008DownloadSpecial Offer on Bulk Orders of EERI Monographs
Jul 2008Download
May 2008DownloadGraphics competition announcement
Apr 2008Download2007 Endowment Fund Annual Report
Mar 2008Download
Feb 2008Download
Jan 2008Download
Dec 2007DownloadConference Proceedings Sale
Nov 2007DownloadSouthern Sumatra Earthquake Report
Seismic Design Competition
Oct 2007DownloadPisco, Peru Earthquake Report
Sep 2007DownloadNiigata-Chuetsu Oki Earthquake Report
Shah Innovation Prize: Request for Nominations
EERI-NEES Research-to-Practice Webinar on Strengthening Buried Pipelines
Aug 2007Download
Jul 2007Download
Jun 2007DownloadNoto, Japan, Earthquake Report
May 2007DownloadThe West Sumatra Earthquakes of March 6, 2007
Apr 2007DownloadEndowment Fund Annual Report
Mar 2007Download
Feb 2007DownloadThe Taiwan Earthquake Preliminary report
Jan 2007Download
Dec 2006DownloadThe Kona, Hawaii, EQ insert
Nov 2006Download
Oct 2006Download
Sep 2006Download
Aug 2006DownloadThe Java, Indonesia, Earthquake of May 27, 2006
Jul 2006Download
Jun 2006Download
May 2006Download
Mar 2006Download
Feb 2006DownloadThe Kashmir Earthquake of October 8, 2005: Impacts in Pakistan
Jan 2006Download
Dec 2005Download
Nov 2005Download
Oct 2005Download
Sep 2005Download
Aug 2005Download
Jul 2005Download
Jun 2005Download
May 2005DownloadTalking Points Insert
Apr 2005Download
Mar 2005Download
Feb 2005Download
Jan 2005Download
Dec 2004Download
Nov 2004Download
Oct 2004Download
Sep 2004Download
Aug 2004Download
Jul 2004Download
Jun 2004Download
May 2004Download
Apr 2004Download
Mar 2004Download
Feb 2004Download
Jan 2004Download
Dec 2003DownloadTokachi insert
Nov 2003Download
Oct 2003Download
Sep 2003Download
Aug 2003Download
Jul 2003DownloadBingol Insert
Jun 2003Download
May 2003Download
Apr 2003Download
Mar 2003DownloadColima Mexico Insert
Feb 2003DownloadAlaska Insert
Jan 2003Download
Dec 2002Download
Nov 2002Download
Oct 2002Download
Sep 2002Download
Aug 2002Download
Jul 2002Download
Jun 2002Download
May 2002Download
Apr 2002Download
Mar 2002Download
Feb 2002Download
Jan 2002Download
Dec 2001Download
Nov 2001Download
Oct 2001Download
Sep 2001Download
Aug 2001Download
Jul 2001Download
Jun 2001Download
May 2001Download
Apr 2001Download
Mar 2001Download
Feb 2001Download
Jan 2001Download
Dec 2000Download
Nov 2000Download
Oct 2000Download
Sep 2000Download
Aug 2000Download
Jul 2000Download
Jun 2000Download
May 2000Download
Apr 2000Download
Mar 2000Download
Feb 2000Download
Jan 2000Download