New Madrid Earthquake Scenarios

The New Madrid Chapter of EERI is developing the New Madrid Earthquake Scenario (NMES) with the aid of the Central United States Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC), the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and many other professional organizations. The purpose of the NMES is to provide estimates of governmental, social, business, and economic impacts of one or more New Madrid seismic zone earthquakes. The particular earthquake scenario chosen and the needed scenario products will be determined by workgroups, which will include, or may be subgroupings of, the following: geoscience and geotechnical engineering; architecture and structural engineering; federal, state, and local government; response and recovery; utilities and lifelines; business continuity; finance and insurance; and societal impacts and personal economic loss. After reviewing the documents below, please consider participating. For more information, contact Dr. Greg Hempen.


Scenarios’ Document


  • A. Executive Summary
  • B. Scenarios’ Purpose & Objective
  • C. Central U.S. Seismology & pertinent Allied Fields of Study
  • D. Loss Estimations for the Central US Scenarios’ Events & Past Studies
  • E. Implications of the Scenarios’ Impacts for Resiliency
  • F. Conclusions for the Scenarios’ Developmental Phase