Webinar: Using Scenarios for Preparedness: Comparing Pandemics and Earthquakes

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Using Scenarios for Preparedness: Comparing Pandemics and Earthquakes - EERI San Diego Chapter's Webinar Series

Friday, October 16, 12 pm PST
Cost: Free

EERI San Diego Chapter Webinar Series
Applying Lessons Learned from COVID-19 to Earthquake Preparedness

Global pandemics and large earthquakes are both events that have a low frequency of occurrence, but a high risk for loss of life and economic losses. As a result, our current experiences with COVID-19 can be useful for discussions about preparing for these “low frequency/high risk” events. Although currently our scientific knowledge and technology are better than they have ever been, in the past 6 months, COVID-19 has posed challenges for the world despite attempts to prepare for events such as this. This webinar series looks at how scenarios are used as a planning tool, what challenges can be encountered in preparing for events such as these, and what next steps can be taken for earthquake preparedness in our community.

Webinar 1: Using Scenarios for Preparedness: Comparing Pandemics and Earthquakes

Scenarios are useful planning tools to help us prepare for future events, particularly events that have a low frequency of occurrence but a high risk of losses associated with them, such as large earthquakes and global pandemics. Several public health scenarios were developed in recent years to better understand and prepare for a global pandemic, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar discusses the outcomes and conclusions of these scenarios, a comparison to our current experiences with COVID-19, and a comparison to existing earthquake scenarios and what we can learn from them in an effort to improve earthquake preparedness.

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